Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Hey its 2021 and I am back!

I am still the worst blogger out there but I am here to try again.
I did finish the marathon that I was training for and have run a few more half marathons since. I am looking forward to writing out a better update soon!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Week 6 complete!

I did all of last week's workouts! I am very happy about that.

The leg cramping is still an issue so I am working on taking supplements and staying as hydrated as I can.

The week ahead is similar to last week's except I am switching things around because of my trip to Phoenix. Last year I did the Lost Dutchman 8km trail race for fun and I am doing that again. So this week my 16km long run will be on Thursday with the race on Sunday.

I am looking forward to the week where I don't really have to worry about anyone but me. The worst part is the flight. I find my joints get sore. But I am going to have Advil at the ready and I will be wearing my compression sleeves as well as my tightest run tights to help.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

I'm the worst blogger ever!

I honestly do have intention of getting to the blog but time slips away so quickly. I have been running consistently and even took a cutback week to give my body a rest before the intensity of the speed intervals, race pace runs and increased distance of the long runs.

My total mileage for January was 180km.

I am halfway through week 6 and my intention is to meet up with the program and do the prescribed mileage. All runs are easy pace unless indicated. Also note I switch the Thursday and Friday runs

Week 6
Monday - 6.4 km
Tuesday - 14.4 km including 12 x 400 @5km pace
Wednesday - rest or cross train
Thursday - 11.2 km including 8 km @ goal pace
Friday - 6.4 km easy
Saturday - 12.8 km
Sunday - 12.8 km

I'll update at the end of the week. Hopefully. I'm so bad at this!

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Week 2 Summary

A bit late but here is a summary of last week's training.

Week 2 HMM

Monday - rest or cross train
Tuesday - 3.2 km easy
Wednesday - rest or cross train
Thursday - 4.8 km easy
Friday - 4.8 km easy
Saturday - 4.8 km easy
Sunday - 6.4 km easy

Total - 24km

What I actually ran

Monday - 8 km easy
Tuesday - 6.2 km easy
Wednesday -1:15 cross train (spin and group fit classes)
Thursday - 3.1 km easy, 1:15 (spin and group fit classes)
Friday - 7 km easy
Saturday - 11.1 km easy
Sunday - 12.1 km easy

Total 47.5 km

I certainly am feeling it today. As expected, it was challenging. I am noticing the fatigue accumulating, which isn't necessarily a good thing this early on. I am remembering to keep the easy runs easy though. Also, all of the runs were done outside again.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Week 1 Summary

It's fun to think I am officially training for the marathon now. Will I still think it is fun in 6 weeks? We'll see!
The new year brings the third annual Lululemon and Strava mileage challenge. The goal is to complete either 40km or 80km in a 14 day period for a badge on Strava and there is speculation that there will be a reward from Lululemon. And it is the latter that is getting me off the treadmill and outside.

Week 1 according to the HMM

Monday - rest or cross train
Tuesday - 3.2 km easy
Wednesday - rest or cross train
Thursday - 4.8 km easy
Friday - rest or cross train
Saturday - 4.8 km easy
Sunday - 6.4 km easy
Total - 19.2 km

My runs:

Monday - 8.2 km easy (track)
Tuesday - 8.2 km easy
Wednesday - 2.5 km easy
Thursday - 8.0 km easy
Friday - 7.3 km easy
Saturday - 9.8 km easy
Sunday - 1.6 km moderate
Total - 45.6 km

My mileage follows my plan of building up to 55km a week by the end of the month. All the effort was easy, except for Sunday when I had to literally dash to the store and back. I am very pleased with the start.

Next week will be a challenge because it is back to the routine of real life: teaching classes, training clients and working on online programs, and kid activities.

Monday, December 31, 2018

And so it begins......

It is official! Marathon training has begun so it is time to wake this blog up and document my training better than I did for the half. The goal race is the BMO Vancouver Marathon. Everything is bought and paid for: race, accommodations and the flight to get there. It is time to get the training done!

My plan for the next 18 week to train inspired by the Hanson's Marathon Method. Basically it is a high total weekly mileage, but with a maximum long run of 16 miles. The premise is based on cumulative fatigue. I will need to modify this training plan because I teach group fitness classes and I find them to be quite tiring. When I trained for the half marathon in May I ran 5 times a week but I kept the same outline of long run, speed runs and strength runs. I will do the same thing for the marathon, modifying the beginner plan/ You can find more detail on the plans via a search, and can even get free pdf.

As written it is as follows:
Monday - 4-7 easy miles beginning in week 6 (plus warm up and cool down)
Tuesday - speed/strength runs beginning in week 6
Wednesday - rest day, no running
Thursday - 5-10 mile race pace run beginning in week 6 (plus warm up and cool down)
Friday - 3-6 easy miles beginning in week 2
Saturday - 3-8 easy miles
Sunday - 4-6 easy miles building to 10-16 mile long run starting in week 7

The plan starts off with running 4 days a week for weeks 1-2 and 5 days a week for week 3-5. On week 6 the last day of running is added in as well as the increase in intensity.

I will be modifying the schedule to suit my life.

1. Starting with 5 days a week running 5-7 miles.

2.  Friday and Thursday runs will be switched because I teach 4 classes on Thursday and there is no way I will have the stamina to add another 90 or so minutes of activity in there.

3. The  miles from the (now to me) Thursday run will most likely be added to the other easy runs of the week or skipped according to fatigue levels.

I know that this plan is going to be tiring. I found training for the half marathon tiring, and I have a lot more on my schedule than I did then.  I know I am going to have to get as much rest as I can and not stretch myself to far.

My goal for this blog is to update at least once a week with my training progress, comparing what I have run to what is on the Hanson's Plan. Please follow along, as well as follow @collbel on instagram for my almost daily recaps.

Monday, December 17, 2018

So soon is all relative...

I have less than two weeks before I start the training plan.  I have been consistently running 5 days a week since the week of October 15 and have gradually building up my weekly mileage from 25 to 40 km a week.
I have also added some intervals and some shorter race pace segments.

According to the Hanson's plan the first week that has both of those is week 6. The mileage also is 64km for the week (over 6 runs). I know I will have to build up the mileage over the first 5 weeks safely. I also was thinking about what I am going to do about that 6th run. The way I have it on my calendar that run is up to 10km and on a Thursday. That's the day that I teach 4 classes. Although I don't do them all high intensity, there is 30 minutes of spinning, and I am also on my feet for 2:45 for the other 3. This will have to adequately substitute. I know from the experience of training for the half marathon that I cannot run 6 days a week plus teach classes.

In other news, I have finally finished all my courses for my personal trainer diploma!!